Aerobic Spore Count

Used to assess the removal of particulates from water by different physical removal techniques. Samples are pasteurized to inactivate interfering vegetative bacteria and are then filtered through a 0.45 micron membrane that is transferred onto selective media and incubated overnight. Bacterial colonies are then counted to determine the number of spores present. This assay is frequently used to determine the effectiveness of filtration for particle removals.

Method Volume Matrix
100mL to 1L SW, DW
Quantitative Total coliforms and E. coli

Coliform bacteria are present in the fecal material of mammals and are used to indicate whether fecal matter and possibly pathogenic organisms are present in water. The test involves the addition of nutrients and chromogenic substrate to the sample followed by overnight incubation (Standard Method 9223). Coliforms utilize the substrate as a food source and produce a defined color change in the sample. If E. coli are present, the samples will fluoresce when illuminated with ultraviolet light. Using the IDEXX Quanti-Tray® system, the sample is divided into numerous subsamples so that numeric estimates of both the number of coliform bacteria and
E. coli bacteria can be determined.

Method Volume Matrix

SM 9223 100mL SW, GW, DW