Bench-Scale Studies

In addition to offering microbial testing, SMI has assembled a group of scientists who utilize the scientific method to assist engineers in answering questions related to water treatment studies utilizing membrane filtration, UV and ozone disinfections, and other advanced treatment technologies. SMI has the capacity to perform model treatment studies on a customizable 18 foot test platform. Details of study capabilities can be found in the links below:

Pilot-Scale Studies

In the event that your project requires on-site testing, SMI scientists have extensive experience performing pilot-scale testing in the field. SMI can direct or support carefully controlled microbial challenge studies on-site using both your client’s water source and existing treatment capabilities. SMI offers multiple options in support of pilot-scale studies of water and wastewater treatment.

Full-service field support

We can join you on-site and support microbial challenge studies using model (nonpathogenic) microorganisms that are introduced into the process train. Our central analytic facility can perform an extensive array of enumerative assays to determine the removal efficiencies of the seeded microorganisms from samples collected following each unit process. Provision of custom spiking solutions and sample collection kits:

We can also assist you by providing customized spiking solutions containing challenge
microorganisms and the necessary delivery devices and sampling equipment so that you can perform the spiking study and collect the samples needed to address your client’s specific technical questions.