News Releases

March 2017

SMI starts to provide probiotics enumeration for clients to ensure actual live organisms per freeze-dry powder or capsules.

January 2017

SMI starts to offer 8 hour E. coli testing for fresh beach water on 2017; therefore, the same day results can be obtained to assist to make a decision for beach open or close, and protect public health.  A kit (KwickCount EC) is also available for purchase to perform 8 hour E. colt testing.

June 2016

SMI has conducted an ATP (Alternate Test Procedure) for evaluation of 8 hour E. coli test using Kwikcount EC medium for fresh beach water.  The new method meets all requirement to measure E. coli in fresh ambient waters (A PowerPoint presentation and The letter from USEPA can be download)

April 2014

SMI has been audited by ORELAP and is now approved for Cryptosporidium monitoring for the second round of the Long Term 2 (LT2) surface water treatment rule.
The Oregon ELAP administrator performed an on-site audit of our laboratory and Scientific Methods has been granted accreditation by ORELAP in accordance with NELAP standards and EPA’s LT2 requirements for Cryptosporidium and Giardia by 1623. ORELAP ID: 4045
Please contact us for your LT2 needs.

April 2013

USDA audited SMI and approves fish virus testing.
SMI was audited by USDA and is now classified as a biosafety level 2 laboratory, which allows SMI to detect viral hemorrhagic septicemia virus (VHS) in fish tissues by real-time RT-PCR.

December 2012

SMI is awarded EPA UCMR3 Microbiology contract from 2013 to 2016.
Scientific Methods has been awarded a contract for Analytical Microbiology Laboratory Services supporting the Unregulated Contaminant Monitoring Program (UCMR3). The microbiological testing of the UCMR3 is managed and awarded directly by the EPA. SMI has been awarded a large portion of the testing to support this regulation. Testing includes the new virus method EPA 1615, as well as Coliphages, Aerobic spores, Enteroccocus, and Total coliform/E. coli.