Portable Continuous Flow Centrifuge

Portable Continuous Flow Centrifuge

  • Light weight and portable
  • Continuously concentrate any particles larger then 1 μm
  • Multiple pathogen concentration
  • Accommodates turbid water samples
  • Very easy to operate
  • Inexpensive disposable plastic centrifuge bowl
Table 1. Recovery of E. coli in water using CFC at different flow rates
Flow rate (mL/min)

% Recovery















Table 2. Simultaneous recovery of multiple pathogens in 10 liters water by CFC/ViroCap
% Recovery

CFC Express System Specifications: Centrifuge: 10,000 RPM (Fixed speed) Accuracy +/- 5% Integral locking cover that prevents operation of centrifuge while cover is open. The centrifuge accepts a CFC-210 bowl. Power Supply 120 VAC, 5 AMP, 47 – 63 Hz

Peristaltic Pump (not provided): Any brand with 0 to 1,000 ml/min flow rate Pump head should accept tubing with O.D. of 0.375” and ID of 0.250” (tubing Cat # CFC-220) Suggested Pump heads: Cole Parmer Model 751860 and 77202-60

Disposable CFC bowl
Concentrating bacteria (Table 1), Algae, Protozoa, and Viruses: Extending the utility of CFC beyond Cryptosporidium concentration, SMI scientists have successfully adapted the technology to establish a Multiple Pathogen Detection Platform. They have concentrated algae, bacteria, Giardia and Cryptosporidium and have further extended the technology for use in sample pretreatment prior to virus capture. CFC removes particles that may interfere with virus testing while leaving the viruses suspended in the effluent. The CFC effluent is subsequently passed through an electropositive filter such as the ViroCapâ„¢ for virus capture and detection (Table 2).

The second generation of the system (CFC Express) is so simple to operate. Push one button to start the system and it will reach 10,000 rpm within seconds. You can use any kind of peristaltic pump to control the liquid flow rates as you desire. By simply adjusting the flow rate, you can control what particle sizes are to be concentrated. The system does not require a traditional rotor, but a disposable centrifuge bowl. This makes the system easy to use.

For more information on the CFC Express system, call (574) 277-4078