Rebecca Wong

Rebecca Wong, PhD

Dr. Wong serves as the Director of Operations at Scientific Methods Inc. with over 14 years of experience in environmental microbiology. Dr. Wong currently conducts research and development studies for new methodologies to detect and identify viruses, bacteria and parasitic protozoa in water samples. She has an extensive background in molecular biology techniques and protein over-expression studies using techniques such as receptor-ligand binding assays, immunoblot analyses, protein staining, immunoprecipitation and the use of ion-exchange and molecular exclusion filtration systems.

Dr. Wong’s experience with biological tissues and cell cultures includes using primary tissue cultures to establish permanent cell lines, maintenance of monolayer and suspension cultures of mammalian and insect cell lines for transfection and infection of cells, recombinant baculovirus screening, plaque assays and whole cell binding assays.

Her microbiology background includes the maintenance of bacterial strains, isolation of bacteriophages from field samples, detection, isolation and identification of different microorganisms, and mutagenesis testing of food additives. She has also been an active participant in the US EPA round robin studies for Methods 1601, 1602 & 1605. These experiences qualify her to direct and support Tier 2 studies for new method validation.